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Qualified and enthusiastic native teachers, active and operational teaching methods adapted to your needs courses as efficient as they are enjoyable.

Cours d'anglais - allemand - espagnol

Informations LinguistiquesLAST NEWS

Trainers' Training funded by the EU (Grundtvig grant)

European Intergenerational project : 25.09.13 - 28.09.13 in the French Pyrenees
Have a look at the page of the project here 

European projects

ico-groupe.pngThe application of l'Atelier des Cultures has been validated by the EU to take part in a new Grundtvig project (Life Long Learning) with partners from Turkey, Germany and Spain.
The issue is: quality of training and innovative teaching methods.
First mobility in December in Salamanca, Spain

THE DIVISIONS of the Atelier des Cultures



Cours d'anglais - allemand - espagnol

Formations linguistiques binationales# BINATIONAL TRAINING

We are specialised in this innovative educational method, particularly appropriate for European projects. You will learn your partner’s language with him, accompanied by a pair of bilingual teachers. At the same time, you will discover the culture of your partner!

 Flagship project under consideration: the bi-national training of personnel for the future cross-border hospital at Puigcerdá (France - Spain)!


Formations interculturelles# INTERCULTURAL TRAINING

In order to correctly interpret the behaviour and the signs emitted by your partners from other cultures

- In companies: intercultural coaching and seminars

- European projects: support and seminars

- For European trainers: GRUNDTVIG IST training


Projets Européens# EUROPEAN PROJECTS

We participate in several European projects within the Grundtvig programme. These are essentially projects researching educational methods conducted with partners throughout Europe on intercultural communication, the ICTs and even cross-border issues.

projets-franco-espagnol-allemand.jpg# FRENCH-SPANISH PROJECTS AND FRENCH-GERMAN PROJECTS

Several operations and training courses are being studied or are in-course in specific fields.